Helvetica Economy

Speaking of movies (aren't we always?), Khoi Vinh saw previews of the new Helvetica movie, and liked it. Am I weird for fetishizing a font? Wait, don't answer.

Helvetica 292

Subtraction: The Helvetica Hegemony
It’s very hard to judge an entire movie on the basis of a handful of snippets, but let me just say that I’m really excited for its release after this little taste. To see graphic design writ large on the silver screen (well, it was projected on a big wall last night, but that’s close enough) was really invigorating, and the interviews he showed, especially with Michael Bierut and Wim Crouwel, were riotous. Fingers crossed, the final product is going to be a film we’ll all treasure for a long time.

Looking for an Amazonian link to the DVD (isn't one, yet), found this book. Maybe later - I'm fairly bogged down with mundane tasks this month.

Helvetica: Homage to a Typeface
“Helvetica: Homage to a Typeface” (Lars Muller)

The funny part is, I liked Helvetica long before I discovered there is a whole quasi-religious movement who worships the font.

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