Hillary is no liberal

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Lest anyone forget, HRC is a centrist and a corporate Democrat. No matter how vehemently the rabid-conservadogs claim Ms. Clinton is a liberal tree-hugger (as if that is even an insult), she isn't, and never will be.

Unfogged It isn't just video games and flag burning. She has defended the Defense of Marriage Act, supported building a wall along the Mexican border, supported the Israeli wall in the Palestinian territories, supported the PATRIOT Act, supports the death penalty, opposes single-payer healthcare, only Santorum got more money from the insurance industry last cycle, she voted for the godawful bankruptcy bill...and of course, she still can't bring herself to say the Iraq War was a mistake. What am I supposed to find appealing here? We do have *actual* Democrats we could run for president.

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I have no illusions about Hillary being a liberal. Actually, after Gore lost the 2000 election partially due to the capaigning pro-Nader of "liberal" celebs, I have gotten uncomfortable w/ the word.

What does a president really do? What do the staffers do? If there is an awakening of the American people, it'll be the people who will direct the mandates of all politicians.

I also read Hill' is a fave within the Dem. crowd but not among all the people in several polls. I feel it's kind of pointless to demonize her. It would be more informative to tell us about all these other Democrats with presidential aspirations. Those for HIllary aren't going to change their minds even if you wrote she ate babies in the middle of the night. And yes, I am a Democrat old enough to be your mother. Chill, Seth. Hillary ain't going nowhere other than the hill. [] []

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