iConcertCal is cool

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Very cool freeware -iConcertCal


scours one's iTunes library, and makes a calendar of when these bands are playing in the city where you live.

Amazingly, cross-platform too, just need to use iTunes!

(Only U.S. at the moment)

Who the heck is Joanna Connor? Oh, I have one track of hers from a Blind Pig comp disc.

I was also pleasantly surprised how quickly the calendar was filled. Often I find interesting-sounding freeware/shareware programs, but my iTunes library is too big (42,454 tracks/203 GB at the moment) for them, and the software chokes before functioning properly. If anyone wants to give me a new Quad Core Intel Mac Pro, I'm ready to upgrade!


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1 Comment

Sure, I'll give you anything, the sky and stars above; how about for your birthday, in April, April 7, right?

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