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I can't say I've ever heard of a butter and salt flight, but I'm hypnotizing D and taking her there. If the weather was little nicer, we could walk.

Blog - Time Out Chicago Juicy Wine Company (694 N Milwaukee Ave at Huron St, 312-492-6620) is the best wine bar in Chicago. Actually, it’s one of the best bars in Chicago in general. But it’s in the wine bar category that it really crushes the competition. ... Besides, does winebar have a butter-and-salt flight? Heck, does anybody have a butter-and-salt flight? Because Juicy does. And if you’ve never made a meal out of three fat slabs of butter (such as the Parmigiano-Reggiano butter, which was the selling point for me), each one piled with a crunchy mountain of salt…well, I know it sounds like a one-way ticket to cardiac arrest, but it’s actually one of the best meals I’ve had all week.

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