Jury Duty in DC

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If only getting out of jury duty was as easy as this. Though, personally I'd want to sneak onto the panel as a ringer, subtly convincing other jurors of Libby/Cheney's inner evil. Wait, wasn't that already used as a movie plot? With John Cusack maybe?

David Corn: Libby Trial, Day Three: A Tough Search for Jurors On the third day of the trial of I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, the job of finding Washington jurors who do not hold negative views of the George W. Bush administration, its war in Iraq, and Vice President Dick Cheney became harder. Out of the first ten potential jurors screened by the judge and the lawyers, nine were dismissed--most because they said they believe Bush and Cheney are not to be believed.

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So it took the average Joe six years to realize we have been had. Great. What's next? THey get off for being universally hated in D.C. ?

[well, we don't know that it took the average Joe 6 years]

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