Leo Kottke is a prodigy

on the 12 string guitar.

Leo Kottke performing Jack Fig. Filmed at the Bathurst St. Theatre, in Toronto, 1988.

Home & Away Revisited
Leo Kottke: Home & Away Revisited

And this is a song I won't even bother trying to learn, Vaseline Machine Gun.

More Kottke, an awe inspiring medley this time, including parts of Vaseline Machine Gun, San Antonio Rose, America the Beautiful, and something from Blind Willie McTell if I'm not mistaken.

Really good version on this CD

Standing in My Shoes

“Standing in My Shoes” (Leo Kottke)

and original release here

6- and 12-String Guitar

“6- and 12-String Guitar” (Leo Kottke)

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