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It's funny we were discussing the new Evil Empire after Réveillon dinner. I ddin't know all this stuff. What I do know is :

--It's impossible to get ahold of someone at Google,Inc.

--Their arrogance is beyond belief. Google forgets it's a company serving people not a country. There is no parity between Google and Brazil or Google and Belgium. In Brazil they have not translated the TOS of their relationship site; they promise and do nothing about quite offensive stuff. In Belgium they went memememe and took the ball away -- they lost the lawsuit about bylines, were forced to publish the sentence for five days. They simply removed the content of all these big newspapers from Google, forcing the folks there to go to

Many Americans think this behavior is their prerrogative. I think a company serving the public must do just that. Must semantically means moral obligation. Again, too much money is pornographic and corrupts any mortal, Sad.

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