Lovers and leavers

More tests of my new camera and Photoshop CS3.

Click to embiggen, natch.

Satanic Gift
Satanic Gift lens-shake turned out ok, sorta.

Down the Street tooned-up
Down the Street tooned-up my 'hood, Photoshopped to within an inch of recognition

Cops on Bikes
Cops on Bikes I didn't know cell phone usage was acceptable on a bike.

One Thousand Stories Sin City version
One Thousand Stories Sin City

Sculpture of Light and Shadow
Sculpture of Light and Shadow I'm sure the piece has a better name, but I don't know what it is. The owner (of a photography studio on W. Randolph whose name I've forgotten) told me the sculptor's name, but my iPod headphones blocked it out.

I'd like to see what happens on a sunny day - does light become refracted through these lenses?

Feel a Song Arriving
Feel a Song Arriving N. Morgan, perhaps? Not quite sunset, but approaching soon.

Night Grooves
Night Grooves or something. In an abandoned partially built structure.

a quickr pickr post

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