Mary Mapes on Rather-Gate

Everyone who remembers the Dan Rather and Mary Mapes story regarding the Dauphin's National Guard service, or lack thereof, should read Glenn Greenwald's discussion of the matter, including a long email from Ms. Mapes detailing her thoughts. Really, an interesting read. Why was there no real investigation by the White House into the alleged fraudulent documents?

Unclaimed Territory - by Glenn Greenwald: Clarification on the CBS/National Guard controversy ... Why do you think the Bush administration never pursued an investigation into what the rightwing blogosphere deemed “forgery”? Don't you find that odd? It would seem to me that if there was a forgery, that would be legally actionable. In fact, if someone forged documents, then President Bush is owed a full investigation and a chance to right a great wrong. I support that completely. You know, early on, there were cries from angry Republicans in Congress for a formal investigation, but the Bush administration demurred. That's too bad, but then I believe the Bush people don't want anyone examining the record or the memos too closely. They know what a legitimate investigation would find.

Read the entire post here, you owe it to yourself.

Oh, nearly forgot to point to Paul Lukasiak's AWOL project, which is the essential record of the entire travesty.

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