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I would be very surprised if Microsoft was not the first to come up with the concept of paying for positive Wikipedia entries (and positive news stories, yadda yadda). We all know Micro$oft's reputation for arriving late to the party, and purchasing themselves a good time with their large juicy mounds of cash.

Microsoft's payment plan on Wikipedia | | CNET ... Microsoft apparently didn't feel this process was happening fast enough, and offered to pay a blogger to go in and “provide more balance on Wikipedia concerning ODF/OOXML.”

Whether the initial comments on the OOXML entry were wrong or not, the idea of Microsoft paying someone to edit the article enraged many Wikipedia fans. On the other hand, editing an article about yourself is also considered a big no-no in the Wikipedia world. So what's a software giant to do?

apparently, somebody else is thinking the same thought.

Wired AP News

When a blogger revealed this week that Microsoft Corp. wanted to pay him to fix purported inaccuracies in technical articles on Wikipedia, the software company endured online slams and a rebuke from the Web encyclopedia's founder for behaving unethically.

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There should be a committee MS could write to so they could rectify the situation regarding there products.

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