Microsofts PR Team are idiots

David Pogue has this to say about Microsoft's clumsy PR

A Wake-Up Call to Microsofts PR Team - Pogue’s Posts - Technology - New York Times Blog
Clearly, they’re exploiting the lawless, Brave New World of the blogsophere, where, since they’re Not Quite Journalists, they don’t feel constrained by any of those pesky journalistic ethics guidelines. Like the one that says, “You don’t keep $2,200 gifts from the subject of your review. You might think you can still write an impartial review, but it’s highly unlikely-and either way, nobody will believe it.”
But Microsoft gets much of the blame, too. It deliberately exploited a weak spot in today’s court of public opinion: how bloggers influence consumers, but generally don’t have conflict-of-interest policies.
Now, I realize that this isn’t exactly breaking news; in fact, it’s three weeks old. I wasn’t even going to bring it up, but yesterday I remembered something: this isn’t the first time.
In fact, Microsoft has tried to buy public opinion in secret over and over again in the last few years. Here are a few examples-mainly, the ones where Microsoft was caught:

You'd think a company as wealthy as Microsloth would be able to afford better, but perhaps they always wanted to get caught.


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