Mossberg discusses Vista

I finally got around to purchasing and installing

Parallels Desktop for Mac (Intel Mac)

Parallels Desktop

so that I could install XP on my MacBook Pro. Hopefully, I won't need to mess around with Vista for a while. For a long, long while. Sounds like quite a lot of Vista is directly 'borrowed' from OS X.

Walt Mossberg: Personal Technology - ... There are some big downsides to this new version of Windows. To get the full benefits of Vista, especially the new look and user interface, which is called Aero, you will need a hefty new computer, or a hefty one that you purchased fairly recently. The vast majority of existing Windows PCs won't be able to use all of Vista's features without major hardware upgrades. They will be able to run only a stripped-down version, and even then may run very slowly.

In fact, in my tests, some elements of Vista could be maddeningly slow even on new, well-configured computers.

Also, despite Vista's claimed security improvements, you will still have to run, and keep updating, security programs, which can be annoying and burdensome. Microsoft has thrown in one such program free, but you will have to buy at least one more. That means that, while Vista has eased some of the burden on users imposed by the Windows security crisis, it will still force you to spend more time managing the computer than I believe people should have to devote.

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