Rob Reich is not easily impressed

And naturally, is pretty close to the truth when he writes:

Why the Dem's First Hundred Hours is Much Ado about Little Why do the Democrats fulminate against Bush’s surge but refuse to cut off funds for it? Why do they push a lobbying and ethics reform bill that doesn’t deal with the core scandal of campaign contributions for legislative favors? Why do they design a new Medicare drug benefit bill that will force Medicare to negotiate drug prices but not authorize Medicare to remove a non-discounted drug from coverage? Why do they push a minimum-wage increase that doesn’t index the minimum wage to inflation, and why are Senate Democrats so intent on tying the bill to tax favors for small business?

Because the voters who put the Dems in charge of Congress wanted change, but the Dems who took control of Congress know they (1) don’t have the votes to override a presidential veto, (2) still have lots of “blue-dog” conservative Democrats among them who don’t want change, (3) can’t do anything very dramatic without stirring up the business community – which has more lobbyists and more clout than ever before, and (4) want to show business they’re “responsible” in order to get corporate campaign contributions for 2008 and remain in power, and possibly even elect a Democrat president.

In other words, [the Democrats] want to create the impression of big change but not make big changes. They have to keep the Democratic base happy and fired up for 2008 and they have to keep a big distance from the failing administration of George W. Bush, but they can’t do anything that’s going to get too many corporate interests too riled up. It’s a tricky balance.

Sad, really, the state of politics in our fair nation. I vote for publicly financed elections, which might reduce the corporate power over the craven political class, maybe.

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