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Like a good li'l citizen, I gamely tried to watch the Imbecile in Chief stumble reading words someone wrote for him, but despite my best efforts, and even though I have plenty of inebrients in the house, I can't stomach the boring, sock puppet routine for more than five minutes without getting up. The constant jack-in-the-box applause reponse bullshit is just too annoying. I suppose it helps the Dauphin by creating long, long pauses between sentences.

At least I got to see Dikembe Mutumbo get the standing O he deserves - wiki adds:

Mutombo is attributed with coining the phrase, “Who wants to sex Mutombo?” while seated at the bar near the entrance to The Tombs, Georgetown's famous student bar, which he allegedly developed as a pick-up line during his Georgetown days.

Anyway, was there really a point to the thing? I missed it, if there was.
I should have played this game

The First Lady's SOTU guest list

The New Yorker known as the Subway Superman for risking his life to save another man who fell on the subway tracks and Houston Rocket All-Star center Dikembe Mutumbo are among Laura Bush's guests at tonight's State of the Union.

So is the woman who created the Baby Einstein videotapes familiar to many anxiety-ridden parents of the last decade who paid good dollars for kiddie videos with classical music soundtracks sold to parents who hoped the tapes would make their babies smarter. It certainly made tapes' creator richer.

Oh, and what's up with Pelosi chewing on pistachios, or whatever it was?



I remember a friend of mine arguing Nancy was a dumb twit way back when she was chosen speaker for the minority --then.
Although I have this thing about rich people, I got to admit she cracks me up. Maybe that was the only way she found to stay quiet.

You did better than me. I didn't even try to stomach his speech. I knew I would just get annoyed and bored...

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