Terror free gas

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I had to laugh. They should sell hemp-derived gasoline instead.

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‘Terror-Free’ Gasoline to Debut Next Month A new gas station named Terror-Free Oil will open here on Feb. 1, with a grand opening of Feb. 12, according to local media reports, yesterday. The gas station is associated with the Terror-Free Oil Initiative, Coral Springs, Fla. The group’s aim is to encourage Americans to buy gasoline that originated from countries that do not export or finance terrorism, according to its website. A gas station representative told local news reporters that Omaha’s will be the first of several terror-free oil gas stations to open across the country. The station uses bold red, white and blue signage. The top five countries to supply U.S. oil in October were Canada (16.17%), Saudi Arabia (11.7%), Mexico (11.4%) and Venezuela (11.1%), according to statistics posted on the website of the American Petroleum Institute, Washington. The Terror-Free Oil station will stock fuel from oil companies that do not do business in the Middle East.

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Terror-Free Oil Refuses Financial Offer from Corporation Connected to Radical Saudi Financier
www.TerrorFreeOil.org - MSNBC Video

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