Wal-Mart Lies, Still

In news surprising to nobody, Wal-Mart is using the word, “organic” as a marketing tool, and not because the corporate DNA suddenly turned green.

New store inspections throughout Wisconsin have found that Wal-Mart stores are still selling nonorganic yogurt and sugar identified as organic, and designated organic produce sections continue displaying many nonorganic items, among other widespread abuses. The Cornucopia Institute again contacted the USDA about the ongoing problem but the agency could not confirm that any enforcement action was imminent on the federal level. Cornucopia then filed a consumer fraud complaint with the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection on January 13.

more here, and White Paper here

What remains to be seen is if the USDA will actually do anything about this false labeling. I'd say 10-1 against. What do you think?

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