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Doug Adams points out this useful hint: - Revert Google Images to its previous format
For those of you that haven't noticed, Google recently updated its image search to a flashy CSS site. However, as nice as it looks, a lot of fuctionality has been lost. I use Google Images to search for album art, and it's handy to be able to see the domain and image size of all the results without having to hover over each thumbnail.

The fix? With SafariStand (and other plugins like Saft may provide the same), go to SafariStand Settings ยป Site Alteration, and enable it for Next, check the Alter box for Javascript and leave Javascript disabled....Next time you do a google search, google will automatically redirect you to the javascript-free version, and all is good!

I had not previously heard of SafariStand, but I'm installing it now. Why must every high profile site 'improve' by making their site worse and less functional? I had almost stopped using Google Images since it annoyed me so much.

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