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In honor of the upcoming Earth Day, the NYT gives column inches to these idiots. Granted the story is relegated to page A9, yet valuable space nonetheless.

San Francisco Journal: In a Filmdom Premiere, a Foe for Gore Steven F. Hayward’s “An Inconvenient Truth...or Convenient Fiction?” is a point-by-PowerPoint rebuttal of former Vice President Al Gore’s global warming documentary.

Hayward doesn't have much data to criticize the science of Gore's argument, so he aims a bit lower, and just ridicules Gore:

Mr. Hayward said the point of his 50-minute movie — basically a lecture like “Inconvenient Truth,” though half as long — was to dispute Mr. Gore’s depiction of potentially devastating consequences of global warming. ... Mr. Hayward spends more than a little time in his film attacking Mr. Gore, whom he calls “an environmental extremist,” and poking fun at the style of “Inconvenient Truth,” including its hand-held camerawork, its arresting charts and its attention-grabbing props. At one point, for example, he mocks Mr. Gore’s dramatic use of a cherry picker to illustrate potentially soaring global temperatures.

“I’m going to save some energy,” Mr. Hayward says, “and use a ladder.”

These jokers are ridiculously ill-informed:

It’s very much like being a Christian in the first century,“ said Mike DeNunzio, former chairman of the San Francisco Republican Party and sacrificial lamb in the 2006 Congressional race against Representative Nancy Pelosi, who beat him with 80 percent of the vote. ”But there’s two sides to every story, and certainly we’ve been hearing one side.“

Oh yeah, just like being a Christian in 100 C.E., well except for the quibbling minor details of just about everything. If only we could throw Hayward and his ilk to the lions.....

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