Sony Screws Customers, Again


Mike linked to this Slashdot discussion:

Slashdot | New Sony DVDs Not Working In Some Players
“It seems that the most recent DVDs released by Sony — specifically Stranger Than Fiction, Casino Royale, and The Pursuit of Happyness — have some kind of 'feature' that makes them unplayable on many DVD players. This doesn't appear to be covered by the major media yet, but this link to a discussion over at Amazon gives flavor of the problems people are experiencing. A blogger called Sony and was told the problem is with the new copy protection scheme, and they do not intend to fix it. Sony says it's up to the manufacturers to update their hardware.”

Sony is an incredibly consumer-unfriendly company, aren't they?

I don't purchase many DVDs, preferring to rent from Netflix, but if certain titles received from Netflix won't play, I“ll be annoyed.

Perhaps some ambitious District Attorney will file suit against Sony.

Remember the Sony DRM rootkit disaster? Here's our coverage of that fiasco:

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