Alhambra Palace

Haven't eaten there yet, but have certainly noticed the structure, checked out the menu, and D even stuck her head inside.

Alhambra Palace

Well, the menu might be changing already:

Chicago magazine writes:

This has to be some kind of record. Eric Aubriot, after mere weeks as exec chef at Alhambra Palace (1240 W. Randolph St.; 312-666-9555), is out of there. Replacing him are Daniel Wright (Souk, Blackbird) and the Moroccan-born Bouchaib “Bouch” Khribech, chef-owner of Ravenswood’s Marrakech Expresso. No real shocker here: No one expected Aubriot to stick around, but the real question is, What to make of Aubriot, the onetime rising star of Chicago’s scene? (We at Chicago magazine wrote in 1998, “The only thing brighter than an Eric Aubriot dish is the young chef’s future.”) From the beginning, it seemed a strange marriage for Aubriot and the West Loop’s zillion-dollar felafel-teria, and Lord only knows what his true role was in Alhambra’s kitchen, but his list of increasingly brief stints (Fuse, Narra, Tournesol, Escargot, and now Alhambra) is unfortunate.


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