Anything too stupid to be said is hummed


To paraphrase Voltaire

Really should be “anything too stupid to be said is blogged somewhere”

Gold is not just for man
Gold is not just for man
messing around with the Merge to HDR function in Photoshop CS3. Skyline very noisy.

In the style of J.M.W. Turner, well, a little.

In retrospect, this photo's title could be misinterpreted. Occasionally my atheism slips, and I become a Gaiaist. Naming photos is a crapshoot: I pluck titles from my subconscious, or from my environment at the moment (song lyric) unless descriptive titles are obvious.

Chains for Fools
Chains for Fools
Lake Michigan, probably near North Avenue

Streets are Paved with Golden light
Streets are Paved with Golden light
my sole Looptopia photo that didn't absolutely suck, and this one is borderline. We ended up spending about 2 hours wandering from insane crowd to insane crowd. Next year will hopefully be more organized.

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Maxwell Parrish is what the luminous part of the sky reminds me of. No question is dumn; why don't you use iPhoto? Is it too primitive for you?

Re: iPhoto, use it for slideshows in my house, and for exporting to iDVD to make DVD slideshows. Photoshop has a lot more tweaking options, and fun tricks available. If all I owned was iPhoto, it would be ok, but there are better tools.

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