Dutch Pot Shops to Fingerprint Customers

Important to keep the demand higher than supply - regulating individual use to no more than 5 g a day (which, in fairness is several joints worth, even if you are a Rastafarian)

The pavement was alive with the sound of music

Dutch Pot Shops to Fingerprint Customers

Coffee shops licensed to sell marijuana in the southern Dutch city of Maastricht will begin fingerprinting customers and scanning their IDs this summer to help prove they're following rules governing such sales. In particular, the measures are expected to help stores show they are not selling to underage customers and that they haven't sold more than the maximum permitted to a customer on a given day. “This is not something that we are doing willingly, but with pain in our hearts,” Marc Josemans, chairman of the Union of Maastricht's Coffee Shops, said Wednesday. He said shops in Rotterdam and several Dutch border cities were considering following suit.


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