Have you ever seen Dallas from a C-17 At Night?

Dallas still one of my least favorite large American cities, though to be fair, SMU is in University Park, a suburb.

Dallas Suburb Votes to Allow Land Sale for a Bush Library
The prospect of the George W. Bush Presidential Library’s being built on the campus of Southern Methodist University received a lift over the weekend when voters in this Dallas suburb passed a proposition that paves the way for the city to sell a piece of parkland to the university. The ballot proposal — passed on a vote of 1,782 to 420 on Saturday — will allow this city of some 23,000 residents to sell Potomac Park [for the tiny library]

GWB43 has shredded most of the documents of his presidency, nearly all the rest are classified. What is the library even going to hold? Harriet Miers love-notes to the Dauphin?

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