Last FM and CBS

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Honestly, I'm not that excited by this news. Granted maybe the “server down” issues will finally be a thing of the past, but I also am concerned that suddenly the playlists of Last.FM users will be scrutinized for possible copyright violations. Not that I'm concerned for myself, but seems like it would put a damper on the sites usefulness, such as it is.

Reefer songs

A New Tech Player Emerges: CBS Acquires Wallstrip,, And…
The UK tech scene is abuzz as CBS has acquired the London-based music site for $280 million. is a social networking site for music that connects users with similar music tastes and makes news suggestions for its users. The company’s founders have confirmed that they are staying on board and the company will remain in London. co-founder Richard Jones said, “As you can imagine, we have been approached numerous times in the past few years from all the usual suspects regarding acquisitions and so on; CBS are one of the few companies who needed no explanation of what we are doing, and we were impressed at how progressive their plans are.”

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1 Comment, I'll say. Nicolas and I were talking about how hard it is to know whose what is whose. There are so many mergers, it's maddening. I was sad iPhone is going with AT&T. My memory of times past of AT&T is pretty bad.

I figured there were problems with Net or computer yesterday. I am signing off after a bit.

Very relevant points, the copyright baloney. We are in 1984.

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