North Shore View

I've always wanted to stroll along this part of Lake Michigan. So beautiful. However, since I don't know any multi-millionaires, I've never had the option. Might soon change. Pictures hopefully soon.

Ft. Sheridan bluff with a view | Chicago Tribune
Public access to the bluffs overlooking Lake Michigan on the North Shore is as scarce as the rare birds and plants that make the unique ecosystem their home. But an estimated $8 million restoration project under way near historic Ft. Sheridan in Highland Park includes a welcome mat for all nature lovers.The project was begun this spring and it includes a 1-mile trail at the top of the 60-foot craggy, tree-lined bluff overlooking the lake and beach—shoreline that has been off-limits to the general public for more than a century.

We're committed to opening this property up to everyone,“ said Joyce O'Keefe, deputy director of Openlands, a non-profit conservation group overseeing the project.

Plans for the 77-acre site also include restoration of the beach and three ravines, home to more than 100 species of birds, including peregrine falcons and the threatened Henslow's sparrow, and rare plants such as buffaloberry and seaside spurge.

Scheduled to open in phases over the next three years, the new Openlands Lakeshore Preserve at Ft. Sheridan will provide one of only a few views of the lake from bluffs carved by glaciers thousands of years ago.

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