Pulaski Park

Took the company car to be serviced (7,000 miles is close enough to 10,000 miles: we don't drive much), ate at The Rabbit House aka Usagi Ya (yumm)

The name means rabbit house in Japanese, but just don't look for any on the menu; the owners consulted a feng shui master who proclaimed Usagi Ya (uu-sawg-ee yah) to be the best for the space. The warm-hued room features two platform-style pillow-stuffed tea rooms, and a 19-seat sushi bar where sushi chef Hiromichi Sasaki produces about 30 sushi and sashimi choices, plus about 40 maki and special maki rolls.

and then wandered around Pulaski Park.

Alicia Frantz Memorial
Alicia Frantz Memorial
underneath Division bridge (1300 W. Division).


I didn't know her, but I've heard of her tragic death.

Cold Lucid Indifference
Cold Lucid Indifference
Stairways plunge to their death, Pulaski Park

Apologize Pull out his eyes
Apologize Pull out his eyes

Title also cribbed from Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dude

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