Queen Elizabeth is no dummy

at least compared to our dummy-in-Chief

We are Not Amused
We are not amused.

David Corn :
... The Queen began by praising the first President Bush for having seen at the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union “the potential for what he called, a Europe whole and free.” She hailed the expansion of NATO and the European Union. She paid deep respect to FDR and Harry Truman for having reached out to England and Europe. “For those of us who have witnessed the peace and stability and prosperity enjoyed in the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe over these postwar years,” she commented, “we have every reason to remember that this has been founded on the bedrock of the Atlantic Alliance.” She continued:

Today the United States and the United Kingdom, with our partners in Europe and the Commonwealth, face different threats and new problems both at home and abroad. In recent years, sadly, both our nations have suffered grievously at the hands of international terrorism. Further afield, whether in Iraq or Afghanistan, climate change, or the eradication of poverty, the international community is grappling with problems certainly no less complex than those faced by our 20th century forebears.

And what is her hope for the challenge-ridden future? She said:

I have no doubt, however, that together with our friends in Europe and beyond, we can continue to learn from the inspiration and vision of those earlier statesmen in ensuring that we meet these threats and resolve these problems.

Queen E. did not say anything about Bush's ability to meet these profound and demanding challenges. In fact, she said not a single positive word about the president. She thanked him for no more than his warm words and hospitality. Instead, when referring to the troubles of today (some of which have been caused by the fellow at the head table), she nostalgically recalled American statesmen of yesteryear, noting they provide the example to follow. Was there a message here: don't look for inspiration from this White House?

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