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Too old - US naturists face up to the naked truth | Special reports | Guardian Unlimited :
The American Association for Nude Recreation is so concerned at its failure to attract young people that it is organising a conference in Florida next month to try to find ways to lower the age profile. The association fears American nudism, which has struggled to gain acceptance since the 1930s, could die out ... the Solair Recreation Club in Connecticut, the average age is 55. The club charges $500 annual membership to people over 40 but college students can strip off for a mere $150. “We don't want the place to turn into a gated assisted living facility,” said Gordon Adams, Solair's membership director.American nudism, which came from Germany, could be falling to the same pressures as have fuelled the culture wars of the last decade. As social conservatives have been in the ascendant, public nudity has been seen as morally corrupt. Several states have passed laws outlawing public nudity, including skinny-dipping. In Montana it carries a six-month sentence.

My neighbor did call the police to my house when I was in college - apparently my lack of curtains and my propensity to walk around naked really bothered his crotchety old man eyes. I'll always remember the night the officers came to my house, more annoyed at the neighbor than me. They suggested I hang up sheets or something. I was super polite to them because uhh, my roommate had left a smoking utensil in public view.

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Not to have Sex seems to be the fundamental teaching of the puritans. It is amazing how much time Americans spend peeping into others sex lives. They would be happier if they practiced sex.

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