Weekend at Bernie's Ragnaranch


Flying down to Austex this weekend to check out my new property, and have a bit of a debauch with parental units, and selected others affiliated with the clan.

southpocket aka RagnaRanch Austin
My aunt writes:

“The Ranch” [as we call it] - - is a piece of undeveloped family property located just off Hamilton Pool Road ... 5 miles before you reach Hamilton Pool. Turning off Hamilton Pool Road, you will enter a neighborhood called “Deer Creek Ranch.” ...the roads will be increasingly rough and bumpy. Don't worry - - everything from a Miata to an SUV has successfully made the trek. Just watch out for the potholes.

It's a mostly grassy - - meadow-like area surrounded by rocky hillsides - - pretty flat / easy to get around on - - areas of shade - - usually breezy.

Please bring your own folding chair or a blanket to sit upon; a flashlight if you plan to stay after dark. If you're inclined to wear flip flops - - you might want to throw a pair of walking shoes into the car for hiking around.

Because it's located in the “hill country” - - the temperature drops a few degrees after the sun goes down - - so you might want to bring a sweat jacket or some long pants.

Feel free to bring any outdoor games / toys - - acoustic musical instruments - - ipod for the boombox.

Swimming / Camping:

There are two small lakes within a short walking distance - - one is used by the neighborhood for swimming and has a small playground. The other is used mostly by turtles. There is also a small creek fed pool for a quick dip. Hamilton Pool/Pedernales River is just down the road.

There is plenty of room for anyone wanting to camp out. BYO tent and any sleeping supplies you need. Wake up to coffee & breakfast Sunday morning.

Whoo hooo! See ya Tuesday!



Looking forward to your visit and the party!
Woo-hoo seems to be the theme of the weekend. Everyone is using that phrase.

See you Friday evening,
Your sis

I hope you have a great weekend. Enjoy!

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