2 Buck Chuck

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I hardly ever drink Two-Buck Chuck wine, a fave of my Aunt P, as Trader Joe's is not part of my circle of grocery stores for some reason. Still, pretty funny results.

Ode to Dionysus

6abc.com: California's Wine Surprise:
Charles Shaw Chardonnay, better known as “Two Buck Chuck,” beat hundreds of other wines and was named the top prize in a prestigious tasting competition in California.

“The characteristics that we look for in our gold medal winner & a nice creamy butter, fruity & it was a delight to taste,” said 2007 California State Fair Commercial Wine Competition judge Michael Williams.

The affordable wine beat out 350 other California chardonnays to win the double gold. Second place went to an $18 bottle, and the most expensive wines at the event, at the price of $55, didn't even medal.

To find this prize winner, you need not go to a fancy wine shop or elite retailer. Charles Shaw Chardonnay is mass produced in California and only sold through the quirky Trader Joe's grocery stores.

I especially liked this quote: I'm adopting this motto for other artistic endeavors as well

No one said this was an exact science. Just ask the chief judge of the competition that gave the gold to a wine that costs less than a latte.

“There's going to be people out there that don't like the wine and that's OK,” said chief judge G. M. “Pooch” Puchlowski. “You know, there are a lot of wines I don't like. So you drink what you like, don't drink what you don't and you go home a happy camper.”

or as Henry Miller says:
“Paint as You Like and Die Happy” (Henry Miller) (which I need to find a copy of one day. If you ever see a copy in a used bookstore, please buy it for me)

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Never mind, I found a copy of Paint as You Like via Powells Bookstore. Unless you have a signed copy by the author.....

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