Dancers on Crack

Well, I don't know exactly what they are on, go-pills maybe. I guess you had to be there. For me, looking at this performance through the veil of modernity, I can't stop laughing at the dancers' unabashed exuberance as The Byrds lip sync a Dylan tune on some show called Hullabaloo (no affiliation with Digby, as far as I know).

Bonus, more serious footage of Eight Miles High, albeit with annoying text crawl in the beginning of the clip. David Crosby doesn't look too high.

and double bonus, the seminal band, Hüsker Dü ripping through their cover version, live in London, circa 1985.

and live at the Pink Pop Festival in 1987 (slightly longer version)

I still have this 45 record somewhere gathering dust.

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