Flirty Girls

A new trend: boomer women who want to retain their sensuality against the oppressive forces of our culture, and their own encroaching age. I say, more power to ya. Self-esteem building can be fun after all. Wouldn't even be a topic for discussion if America was not so sexually repressed.

Flirty Girl Fitness

Chicago Tribune news: Beyond Botox:
Emboldened by tumbling taboos and enabled by advancing technologies, women are going well beyond Botox in the quest to enhance their appearance and explore their sensuous side.

Erotic accouterments, cosmetic enhancements and activities once blushingly associated with Playboy playmates and exotic dancers now comfortably fit into the repertoire of corporate lawyers and soccer moms. Even the most intimate cosmetic surgery is as easily accessible and openly discussed as an episode of “Desperate Housewives.”

Some consider this a healthy reawakening of the seductress innate in every female. Others bemoan it as further evidence of the over-sexualization, or “stripperization,” of American girls and women.

Either way, it's happening, it's proliferating and it's a growing business.

Out of the strip clubs and into the strip malls, classes in striptease and pole and lap dancing are popping up around the country for women who want to learn to look hot while they burn calories.

On June 18, Toronto-based Flirty Girl Fitness made its U.S. debut in Chicago's West Loop, kicking off what it plans as a national franchise chain featuring such classes as “Chair Striptease,” “Hottie Body Boxing,” “Booty Beat” and, of course, pole dancing.

“I've had doctors, attorneys, pharmacists, police officers and housewives. Women from [ages] 19 through 68 take my classes,” says Mary Ellyn Weissman, owner and instructor of Empowerment Through Exotic Dance Ltd. in Chicago Heights.
Kerry Knee, 36, who founded Flirty Girl Fitness in December 2005 with her 32-year-old sister Krista, agrees. “I think every single woman, I don't care who she is, how old she is, wants to be sexy. They want to be thought of as sexually attractive creatures, but no one ever teaches you how to do that,” she said, noting she finds the increase in confidence among clients striking.

Jarecki, a movie producer, came up with the betty product line after watching Roman women leave hair salons with doggie bags of dye for their nether regions. Her best-selling kit is FUNbetty, a hot pink hue particularly popular in Middle America, she says, adding, “Who knew?”

“Our new demographic is older people. People are dating again and at an older age,” says Jarecki, noting many buy betty not “just for the gray, but for fun.”

We've discussed the ever popular Betty Crocker pubic hair trend previously.

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