Murdoch’s Arrival Scares Journalists

I'd actually like to see a Page 3 drawn in stipple-style (or Hedcut). In fact, I used to own a Photoshop plugin that would turn any photo into a WSJ-esque drawing. (Page 3 wiki, if you are blocked from cheesecake viewing by your employer). There is a tutorial how to make the image on your own, if I fake one well enough to recognize, I'll post it.

Anyway, the journalists at the WSJ are nervous about the upcoming Murdoch purchase, and are marking time until they all get fired and/or reassigned to cover Whitewater.

Murdoch’s Arrival Worries Journal Employees - New York Times:
Journalists are also facing two futures they never expected when they signed on to jobs they saw more as a mission, not a business — the uncertainty of what Mr. Murdoch would do as an owner, or the uncertainty of a suddenly harsh advertising climate that could lead to deep job cuts.

“There’s a real culture of passion for the truth, for shining lights in dark places and making the mysterious understood,” said a reporter, one of dozens of people interviewed at The Journal and Dow Jones, nearly all of whom asked for anonymity, fearing a backlash from the current regime or the next one. “The overwhelming view here is that under Murdoch, that gets compromised from Day One, and that idea is devastating, heartbreaking, to people.”

At times, that heartbreak has been expressed in gallows humor, as newsroom employees answered phones with “News Corporation” and mimicked Mr. Murdoch’s Australian accent.

In a conference call among editors and bureau chiefs, one said The Journal would follow the lead of The Sun, one of Mr. Murdoch’s British tabloids, which prints pictures of topless women on its third page.

“Rupert has confirmed to me that we will have Page 3 girls,” he said, according to another person on the call. “But in a concession, they will be dot drawings,” like The Journal’s traditional hand-drawn portraits.

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Something like this...

Page3 Hedcut

obviously I didn't entirely figure it out, but something like this, but taking more than 3 minutes from start to finish would undoubtedly help the results.

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