Prince wants to rock you all night

The Purple One wanted to get his groove on in Minny, but neighbors didn't want to be participants, and shut him down, albeit at 4 AM. When did the show start?

Prince and his big dick
Prince at the Super Bowl with his giant penis


“3121” (Prince)

Prince brings the heat to his hometown | News | Guardian Unlimited Music:
It was a busy weekend for Prince. In just under twelve hours, Minneapolis' Rock & Roll hall of famer returned to his hometown for his first performance in 20 years, played 3 sets to enraptured audiences and was only finally stopped when police intervened.
For the first time since 1987, Prince returned to First Avenue, the venue he made famous when it appeared in his 1984 film, “Purple Rain”, an emotional return preceded by two less sentimental events in Macy's department store and the Target Centre.
The Purple one's first words of the day were “Minneapolis, I am home,” but 12 hours later, the message was 'Minneapolis, go home' when irate residents called in local law enforcement and had Prince removed from the stage at 4am.

The BBC clarifies: the show started at 2:45 AM.

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Police shut down Prince concert:
The musician, 49, was halfway through his set at the legendary First Avenue nightclub when he announced: “The authorities say we gotta go.

”We always listen to the authorities,“ he added. ”I promise I'll be back.“

The club, which Prince made famous in his movie Purple Rain, is allowed to stay open until 0300, but the star only took to the stage at 0245 on Sunday....

”Minneapolis, I am home,“ he declared after the opening number. He later played a full concert at the Target Center arena.

The multi-instrumentalist is renowned for his late-night after-show parties, where he performs loose, extended versions of songs from his vast back catalogue.

Prince will play his first gig at the O2 arena in London on 1 August
He comes to London in August for a 21-night residency at the O2 arena. He releases his new album, Planet Earth, next week.

In the UK, the record is being given away free with The Mail On Sunday newspaper and to fans attending his concerts.

The decision to give the album away with a national newspaper sparked outcry from traditional music retailers, with HMV chief executive Simon Fox calling the move ”absolutely nuts“.

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