Random Whiny Complaint Day


Rain Comes for the Archbishop's Cat

Random whiny complaints, in no particular order. Probably not the best post to increase my daily google ad earnings (which have plummeted into near single cent range as more folks use Firefox with Adblock). Fuck it.

• My mind no longer is resilient enough to compensate for a lack of sleep. Large thunderstorms passed through last night around 2 am, and even a mind-boggling expensive tuck-pointing (last year) still has not sealed the brick against leakage. Thunderstorms mean jumping out of deep slumber and catching drips and cascades of rain from destroying anything important, unplugging electric devices, and cursing furniture that seemingly moves of its own accord in the middle of night. Shins are our friends, unless they are enemies. Last night they were enemies of the state - my peaceful state of mind.

• Some random Flickr-ite who I've never heard of before yesterday left me a snotty comment, paraphrased: “You have some nice photos, but I think they are too saturated and therefore not realistic on my fancy monitor, model number I Am A Big Ass”. Well, thanks, for your unsolicited and unwelcome advice. I'm happy you have an expensive, flashy monitor, in fact, that impresses me so much I am going to change my entire photo collection so that it will make you happy. Honestly, I don't really give a shit what you think, don't look at my photos if the amount of saturation offends thee. Perhaps I'm just petulant today, or perhaps you should concentrate upon scraping individual molecules off the bottom of your Nikes and leave me the fuck alone.

• Clients who waste our time by insisting upon changing artwork at the very, very last minute - changing the point size on a URL, by 1point. Will anyone even notice your change? No. Did your three phone calls and two emails about this important alteration cause us to waste time conveying your request on down the chain? Yes, it did, thanks. While we're discussing this topic- did you know that you are supposed to make these changes before requesting a proof of your artwork? When you submit 'Final Artwork', there aren't supposed to be aesthetic changes - only checking for typographic errors, color corrections, things of this type. Not removing sentences, increasing font size, adding words.

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• Acquaintances who call several times in succession, without leaving messages. Yes, I do have caller ID actually, and yes, I am screening my calls, to avoid time-wasters such as you. You see, I may be too busy to listen to your latest hare-brained scheme. Why don't you leave me the details, or better yet, type them up and email them to me, and if I'm interested, I'll get back to you. If you call 9 times in 12 minutes, I'm just going to be pissed off, and even more not interested.

There is probably more, but that's enough for now. Whew, I never complain in public. I wish I still smoked cigarettes: sitting on the roof, rolling a Drum sounds like bliss in comparison.


That all sucks.

Regarding the ad earnings, is there a way to put ads in your RSS feed? People reading from feed readers may not be seeing your ads.


I was trying to get info about the riverwalk today, and I noticed your site is one of the top hits for a search on "chicago riverwalk"

Thanks, Brian.
Of course, it isn't all bad, those were just things that annoyed me today. I snuck in a nap, and feel more human now.

Re: google earnings. I have considered that, but it sort of annoys me when other sites stick ads in their RSS feeds, so I decided not to do it. My website is still breaking even, with Amazon's 3% and Google's pennies a day, which is good enough. I don't want to be a full time blogger - life is too short.

oh, cool about the River Walk. For a while I was the top hit for "George Bush Cocaine Jaw" - that got some fun traffic.

So it's babies, for crying out loud -no pun intended-have mercy on me!

Boy, your ranting was quite impressive; makes me wonder if I ever want to meet you. I hope things go your way, and I hope you solve your $$ situation soon.
True, blogging won't make me rich. I like to blog full-time, though. Look at how many fans you have.

The photo of Chicago under rain is beautiful.

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