Soccer Fans take their sport seriously

Could you imagine if this had happened after the Dallas Mavericks choked against the Golden State Warriors (or even against Miami the year before)? Angry fans storming Donnie Nelson's house/yard, or at Avery Johnson's place, or even owner Mark Cuban? Now that would have been broadcast on ESPN in HD for many, many hours. The US sometimes seems like it takes sport a little too seriously (it is, after all just entertainment like a reality show or a dramady), but I've never heard of fans leaving a game and immediately going to the GM's mansion to protest the loss. Wow.

Corinthians fans protest at president's house after loss | Breaking News | Guardian Unlimited Football:
Around 100 angry Corinthians supporters protested in front of the home of club president Alberto Dualib after their team lost 3-0 at home to Nautico on Sunday.

Brazilian media reports said the supporters went straight from the stadium to Dualib's house in the Alto de Pinheiros district of Sao Paulo, where they threw eggs and firecrackers and chanted insulting slogans.

Photographs showed police cars protecting the house from the fans, who demanded Dualib's resignation.

....But, but, they used sarcasm (from the Piranha Brother's sketch - see if I can find the Youtube clip).

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