Unhealthy Interference

More on the Bush-ites belief that Loyalty to Bush trumps Loyalty to Country, in reference to the former Surgeon General, Dr. Richard Carmona.

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Unhealthy Interference - New York Times:
The official job description calls for the surgeon general to serve as “America’s chief health educator.” But the Bush administration instead tried to turn Dr. Carmona into a propagandist and political cheerleader, and when he refused to go along, it stopped him from speaking at all on a host of essential health issues.

Dr. Carmona told a House committee that the administration would not allow him to speak on the scientific and medical aspects of stem cell research, emergency contraception, comprehensive sex education and prison or mental health issues. He said a surgeon general’s report on global health issues was quashed because he refused to insert glowing references to the efforts of the Bush administration. His report on prisoners’ health care was held up for fear it would lead to demands for costly reforms.

Other disturbing improprieties included an order that Dr. Carmona insert President Bush’s name at least three times on every page of his speeches, requests that he make political speeches on behalf of Republican candidates and an admonition not to speak to a group affiliated with the Special Olympics because of the charity’s longtime association with the Kennedy family.

It all sounds so ham-handedly partisan that it would be laughable if it weren’t so damaging to the public’s understanding of important public health issues

So, what is the answer? Other than November, 2008 finally rolling around, of course. The Surgeon General is a largely ceremonial position - just eliminate it. And if Dr. Carmona had such a horrible time being Surgeon General, why didn't he quit?

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