Xerox invents a Greener Paper

Follow-up on Xerox and their environmentally efficient color printer, now there is a paper to go along with it.

Xerox Develops a Green Paper, But Will Firms Add It to Fold? -
Xerox Corp. has invented an environmentally friendly copy paper that costs less.

Xerox's new cut-sheet “High-Yield Business Paper” isn't as white or as smooth as the kind most businesses run through their copiers and laser printers, and it yellows badly as it ages. But compared with average 20-pound bond paper, Xerox says it requires half as many trees and fewer chemicals and less energy to manufacture. Sheets weigh about 10% less, reducing postage and trucking costs. ... The High-Yield paper is made with a process similar to that used to make newsprint for newspapers. Trees are ground up, bark and all, and mixed into a slurry that is then sprayed out onto a moving belt where it is squeezed, dried and cut up. Unlike newsprint or the new Xerox paper, high-quality bond paper involves chemical processing to remove the lignin in wood that makes aged newsprint brittle and yellow and bleaching to brighten the paper.

I'd probably try it, once it is available for the SOHO market: much of our printed paper ends up in the recycling bin anyway, and we have special heavier weight paper for presentations.

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