BP Lies About Greenness, Then Asks to Dump Ammonia


BP gets caught, as so many corporations do, doing one thing while claiming to do the exact opposite. In this case, being a green company. BP is no green company, and anyone who believes BP ever considered actually doing anything other than stuffing their corporate coffers is deluded, or paid off by BP.

2 heads greener than 1

BP Touts Greenness, Then Asks to Dump Ammonia:
“We'd like to have them live up to their advertising.”

That remark came from Sudhu Johnston, chief environmental officer for the city of Chicago, in response to oil giant BP applying for -- and receiving -- a permit from the state of Indiana to dump more toxic discharges from its Whiting, Ind., refinery into Lake Michigan.

The move, which allows BP to dump 54% more ammonia and 35% more suspended solids into the lake, enraged officials in the Windy City and raised the specter of consumer boycotts of BP, which has its U.S. base in Chicago.

But mainly the matter drew attention to the cardinal sin of touting an environmentally conscious image in marketing—the central focus of BP's advertising for the past several years—and failing to live up to the message.

BP Amoco is not greener than me

and of course, the solution BP came up with is to spend more money planting lies and obfuscations disguised as advertising into the nation's data pipes. You'll probably see several soon.

To mitigate the backlash, BP started advertising in regional newspapers several weeks ago to clear up misconceptions about the issue, a spokesman said.

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I should be in bed, but here I am moving for someone to ask Senator Obama what he did to fight pollution in Lake Michigan.

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