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Well, I suppose I'd add a Prius to my list of cars-if-I-had-unlimited-cash, especially after Woz (and Al Gore JR) demonstrates the Prius is no wimpy car. The Hummer, on the other hand, sounds like an overpriced piece of trash. Horrible gas mileage, and horrible handling as well.

San Jose Mercury News - Can Prius top 100 mph; Ask Wozniak:
You probably remember when the son of the former vice president was caught going 105 mph in Southern California last month. Well, a mention of that in a recent Roadshow column led a buddy of Wozniak's to check in, claiming that the co-founder of Apple Computer was ticketed for going 105 mph on Interstate 5 earlier this year.

Whoa. Mr. Roadshow knows a good story when it plops into his lap. If true.

“Not true,” Wozniak replied: “104 mph.”

OK, squash that image of the Prius being wimpy, as Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger had quipped this year. First, 105 mph, and then 104!
“I pleaded guilty, with an explanation,” Wozniak said in one of several e-mails exchanged the past few days. “I said that I was really scientific, and in the last year had been in Athens, Moscow, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich (twice), Zurich, Canada (three times), Columbia, Singapore, Japan, London, etc., and had gotten used to kilometer speeds.”

The judge smiled. But he didn't buy it. The fine was about $700.

The Prius, Wozniak said, handled great at 104. And that wasn't the first time he reached the speed that sends shudders down my I-like-60-mph spine. The first time came one Thanksgiving when he decided to drive down to a Bob's Big Boy in Burbank.

“Highway 5 was empty that night and I made good time and was surprised to discover that the Prius was very stable, even with major gusting winds,”

Wozniak said. “Being used to a Hummer I expected the opposite.”

Yep, he owns Hummers and hybrids. No, green-only, Birkenstock-loving guy.

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