Cafe Suron reviewed in photos

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Cafe Suron is a new fave: such delicious Persian food. We went two weeks ago, and were the only people in the entire place. I hope their lease is on favorable terms, I wouldn't want to see them vanish.

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Jougeh Kabob

Jougeh Kabob

Portrait with Blue - Cafe Suron

Portrait with Blue - Cafe Suron

Suron Salad

Suron Salad

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Baked Portobello - Cafe Suron

Baked Portobello

Cafe Suron

Interior Cafe Suron

Dolmas -Cafe Suron Dolmas

Interior Cafe Suron2

1 Comment

Nic says the food seems to jump at us. We had dinner. I love these foods. My aunt cooks them all.

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