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When my mind cannot process any more information, and the minutes on the clock drag, and the hours jerk (full lyric), then t'is time to make fun of some recent search terms that landed intrepid internet tube travelers upon our humble zine. Bonus points if you find the page in question, double bonus points if you remember the original post without prodding.

  • bioethics joke
  • mad spy nose gun
  • Controversial Film About Corn to be Released
  • interprete the movie jaws from start to finish in film language
  • urban grunge black and white
  • alternative curse words
  • porn pose
  • space cartoon porn
  • simpsons porn
  • kim possible porn
  • stars on belly porn
  • russian woman porno
  • medieval porn
  • washington dc prostitutes
  • holographic film sculpture
  • pubic hair ball
  • golden shower
  • penis showers and growers
  • women with blonde pubic hair
  • women ruling the universe with corn
  • exclusive materials for adult! kinder suprise!!
  • super penis
  • porn wiki
  • lsd sex
  • fast and bulbous
  • comic porno
  • mential
  • what does 43 mean
  • satan crush
  • restoring tractor
  • dhl driver stealing
  • michael jordan hair
  • syd barrett, 5th june 1975
  • nacho history
  • freedom airlines oral exam
  • tuvai voice
  • cat killer
  • list of words and phrases banished from the queen's english for misuse, overuse and general uselessness

Triple bonus if you can use all of these terms in one comment/blog post....

Feel free to draw your own conclusions about both this zine and its readers

Oh yeah, idea for this post triggered by Unfogged

1 Comment

This is it, I love these challenges. I'll take it for a hundred times relief.

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