Party of Moral Values

Senator Vitter of course is not going to resign, nor should he. However, if he ever utters one word of moralizing blather about anyone else’s sex life again, he should be thrown into Lake Pontchartrain, weighted down with a gunny sack of chicory root around his neck.

Louisiana: Woman Claims Affair With Senator - New York Times:
A former New Orleans prostitute said she had an affair with Senator David Vitter in 1999 when he was a newly elected House member. The woman, Wendy Ellis, said she saw Mr. Vitter, Republican of Louisiana, two to three times a week from July to November 1999. Ms. Ellis released a transcript of a lie test that she took at the request of Larry Flynt, the Hustler magazine publisher who has offered $1 million to anyone who can prove a sexual encounter with a high-ranking government official.

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