using a faux Kodachrome effect

Scooter, originally uploaded by swanksalot. zipping down Randolph St.


So 50s, oops. Did you say Technicolor? I.Tina no Scooter.

Technicolor/Kodachrome - pretty close. Kodachrome is more interesting to my eyes, and was oft used in slides, from what I recall. Subtract the cell phone from the scene, and could be something out of La Dolce Vita.

You know I am Jurassic. I still have my Kodak camera and a few candid shots. We used the PX, supermarket for the personnel at the Embassy. I think Kodachrome was the thing to have, Paul Simon wrote a song on it. Technicolor I believe was a cinema invention, very colorful, or saturated, never too saturated for my taste.

Yeah, a white Vespa, the popular scooter brand at the time, and I never noticed the cell. Let's erase the cell and call the photo vintage.

Good morning, Seth,

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