Speaking of spitting

Sarah and Sean are in China, and the gobbage is outrageous

The spitting here is pretty crazy. I’d heard about the spitting before but I didn’t really expect this. The men here have perfected the lugie- it begins with a hacking sound that comes from deep within and ends in a flying ball of spit. Gross, I know. We get to hear this sound about 20 times a day and you really have to watch where you set your bag down. We’ve heard that Beijing has instated a spitting fine to encourage people to stop spitting before the Olympics happens but we haven’t actually seen anyone get fined.

Apparently, China is not the only country with a problem:

Indian city punishes spitting workers - Yahoo! News:
MUMBAI, India - Mumbai’s top civic agency is trying public shame in hopes of keeping its employees from spitting in the halls and stairways at work.

Offenders will find their photographs, names and titles posted on bulletin boards at the headquarters of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation, the body responsible for sanitation standards and the upkeep of roads and buildings.

They will also be fined 200 rupees ($5), an agency official, R.A. Rajeev, said Wednesday.

One worker already has become “Spit Employee of Today” since the campaign started Monday, Rajeev said.

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