Illinois Wine Bill

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Petite Cassagne

Remember that stupid wine bill we kvetched about a couple months ago? Well, it passed.

Another provision of the bill will permit Illinois retailers to ship wine to customers across the state. But Illinois residents won't be able to purchase wine from out-of-state stores (including online businesses), brokers or auction houses as before.
[From The Stew - A taste of Chicago's food, wine and dining scene | Chicago Tribune | Blog]

What a bunch of hooey. I wonder if the half a million dollars or so in campaign bribes contributions had any impact on Gov Blah Blah's decision? When I wrote to (The Illinois legislature, in their infinite stupidity, has apparently passed a bill to ban out-of-state shipments of wine. Does have a local retail presence so as to avoid this inane nanny-state law? Is there anything I can do beside writing my nitwit representatives? Thanks, a concerned Illinois wine drinker.), this is what said in reply:

Thank you for your inquiry. In order to serve our Illinois customers better, we are currently looking for a shipping facility in the state. However, you are also free to write a letter!

Oh yeah, that did a lot of good.

1 Comment

Stupid wine bill is right! While many of the Illinois wineries are happy with this bill, Lynfred Winery and Galena Cellars (the 2 largest wineries in the state) and currently fighting it. Thank you for speaking up about the injustice!

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