Bob Dylan, the Artist

I'd go to a Dylan art exhibit, with low expectations, and probably be pleasantly surprised.

Ed Ward writes:
On the second floor of the Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz, the galleries are comfortably packed with people enjoying the watercolors on the walls. With over 120 paintings, there are enough of them to see. The heavy attendance is remarkable, in that this is the painter's first-ever exhibition anywhere, but it's readily explained by the fact that his name is Bob Dylan.

Dylan fans have long known about the singer's painting. The front cover for the Band's first album, "Music From Big Pink," was one of his oils, as was the cover of Sing Out! magazine in 1970 when he gave his first interview in years to John Cohen. Both were, to be charitable, amateurish, although the bulky guy with the guitar on the magazine cover had a certain charm. A couple of years later, a drawing graced Mr. Dylan's "Planet Waves" album, but based on what's on display in Chemnitz, both his draftsmanship and his color sense have improved greatly over the decades.
[From Bob Dylan, the Artist]

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