BP is an Environmental Criminal

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We already knew this, but....

The Alaska subsidiary of British energy company BP PLC pleaded guilty to a federal environmental crime for failing to prevent a 2006 spill in America's largest oil field. BP Exploration Alaska Inc. pleaded guilty to one violation of the Clean Water Act for a 200,000-gallon spill at the Prudhoe Bay field in March 2006. The company had agreed last month to a sentence of $20 million in fines related to the spill, the largest ever in the vast, oil-rich region of Arctic Alaska known as the North Slope. [From BP Unit Pleads GuiltyTo Environmental Crime - WSJ.com]
$20,000,000 may be a lot of simolians to some corporations, but BP's annual revenue is $265,763,000,000, so $20 million is 0.00752% of BP's income. If my back-of-the-envelope math is correct, this is the equivalent of a $7 fine to somebody who makes $100,000 a year. In other words, a slap on the wrist, at best.

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I must send this link on. Nialler 9, the Irish music blog I got to know about removed the link and sponsorship from Shell.
Thanks for the tip, Seth. I have been quite out of the blogosphere. Yours is the first Anarchic_Universe link I visit. Thank you for all you do to give us good info.

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