Chicago Bar Project Copyright infringement


Chicago Bar Project Copyright infringement
Chicago Bar Project Copyright infringement, originally uploaded by swanksalot. Sean Parnell, the apparent author of the webpage
uses a photo of mine, without crediting me.

This photo is available via Creative Commons whose terms are quite clear -
Under the following conditions:

Attribution . You must give the original author credit.

I like when my photos are used on personal web pages, and this is even a useful review of a fun bar, but is it really that hard to give proper credit to the photographer? I also always include copyright information in the photos I upload to Flickr (including contact info), and Steve Parnell stripped this info out.
--- update: Thanks to the efforts of Nyarlathotep, my photo seems to have been removed. It is good to have friends all over.


I just finished posting after losing my first post. I'm slow. The violation of photo rights is really bad, especially when Internet fiends are involved. I was very naïve in photographing and posting so many personal photos. I saw in my counter someone in Brasil take close-ups of GHR's photos, which to me means more fakes at The difference is that we take measures appropriate with our beliefs and rules and regs around us.
I do hope the guy learns his lesson. As for your neighbor, you wouldn't do a Mephisto on him, would you, really? (other post.)

No, wouldn't stoop to doing a Mephisto on anyone, no matter what, even Dick Cheney, but the thought did flash through my mind. My neighbor is truly malevolent, and we've considered putting a restraining order on him, but still couldn't send him to Gitmo.

I took a look at the page myself. It is not right to just use peoples photos on your personal web page. Esecially when you make money on the page like the page you talked about is. I guess The chicago Trolley is paying him for ads. I prefer It's free with no photos that are taken from people

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