Comcast Must Die

Boy can I empathize with Bob Garfield's experience with Comcast. Though, DHL has been better of late, perhaps all those visits originating from had some sort of effect.

"Never pick a fight," Mark Twain is reputed to have observed, "with a man who buys his ink by the barrel." It was certainly true.

A powerful publisher, if he was irritated enough, had the wherewithal to bury any adversary. It's still true, actually, although the truism needs to be slightly amended. In the digital age, never get in a dispute with someone with access to a computer.

Because if he is aggrieved enough, and righteous enough, and persistent enough, and connected enough, he can bury you. Or at least make your life miserable for a long, long time. He doesn't need to have a chain of newspapers; all he needs to have, basically, are fingers and rage.
[From Comcast Must Die - Advertising Age - News]

We've luckily been able to avoid changing ISPs for a while, but when it happens in the near future (our ISP is not financially solvent last I checked), I'm dreading the conversion.

First post (Comcast Must Die!), for background and amusement, also there are several follow-up posts.

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